Service Animals

Recently our friends at Shadow Accord created a ruling for handling service animals at game. We feel it's an excellent ruling and will be implementing a similar model for NoneSuch games. Here's the announcement from Shadow Accord Rules team, with some changes for how it might work for us: "As service animals are not player... Continue Reading →

Brushes with Death

  So what happens when something actually manages to beat a Jedi? Or a Bounty Hunter? Well rest easy son, there's rules for that. Brushes with Death The Galaxy is a lethal place to live, especially in times of war. But it is also a place for great stories and impossible deeds. The story you... Continue Reading →

September Updates

Greetings programs! I know it's been a while since we updated, and there have been such promisses made about progress that we're boardering on misdirection, so am I here today to give you some in depth details. August was a rough and complicated month. With Con-season in full swing the staff all had many obligations... Continue Reading →

Productive Weekend

Last weekend was super productive in the Kyber Mines. We received our official NPO paperwork from Washington, which means now we can get the bank accounts and such all set up (YAY!). On top of that, we made huge leaps in the layout for character creation and skill selection for characters, as well as making... Continue Reading →

Alpha Play test

Tensions run high in the Republic. Outraged by their treatment at the hands of the Republic Senate after their failed blockade of Naboo, the Trade Federation and several star systems have broken away from the Republic to form The Confederation of Independent Systems. Each month more systems flock to join the Parliament of the Confederacy. ... Continue Reading →

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