September Updates

Greetings programs!

I know it’s been a while since we updated, and there have been such promisses made about progress that we’re boardering on misdirection, so am I here today to give you some in depth details.

August was a rough and complicated month. With Con-season in full swing the staff all had many obligations on their time and so were not able to post or work on Nonesuch things as often as we’d have liked. September will change that, as October will be another busy month.

So here’s the state of things!

Nonprofit status in Washington has been finalized and the bank accounts will be up and running this week. This means we’ll be able to start accepting donations and pre-sales for games soon (not to mention buying the ridiculous number of props and materials we’ll need to make this game as magnificent as we envision it).

The Master Skills list is out for copy review and balancing. It’s been sent to some very talented game designers who must remain nameless at present [*cough* published authors *cough*]. They promise to have comments back to us by next week.

The Force Powers list is also out for copy review and balancing! I’m super excited with how that came out.

These two documents make up the bulk of the mechanics rules, which means we’ll be setting up a full mechanics playtest probably for November. Interested parties should email, or look to the facebook group!

My absolute favorite thing we’ve worked on so far though is the Character Creation system. We’ve partnered with Larpweaver to get a unique and interactive creation system that will let you walk through the early life of your character and put you in contact with other characters based on your decisions. Think about it like a choose your own adventure game that will lead up to a character you will then play in the larp! The structure and path is decided on and we are now generating content for each step along the way.

Lastly we have decided to create a series of YouTube videos to explain different elements of the game, so that the first game experience for new players is not full of confused looks and boring rules clarifications. Stay tuned in the coming week for the first of these videos!

That’s it for now. Thank you so much for lurking on our pages and supporting us with likes and private messages. There is already a core of interested players eager to join you in a galaxy far far away.

May the force be with you,

Nonesuch Studios

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